Yes, I'm interested in the SME autumn 2017 Study. We will contact you to discuss about the 3 questions that you may ask.
Thank you for your interest, please fill your data in here,

Firstname & Name

Pieter Janssen
Email, Function

CEO, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager
Company, telephone nb

Markethic, +32 2 300 07 70
Street & house number

Bergensesteenweg 709
Zipcode & place

1600 St-Pieters-Leeuw
VAT number
Question 1

example: Are you actually busy with GDPR matters and if yes, are there any questions where you are still looking for a solution?
Question 2

example: At 96% of the scans we find at least 1 data breach and a serious data breach at 70% of the cases. Did you allready run a penetration test?
Question 3

example: Are you open to discuss with us in the next weeks about pentesting?
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